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Færslur: 2017 September

21.09.2017 15:50


FEIF Youthwork pesents the launch of
FEIF Young Leaders' Events
12-14 January 2018, Berlar, DE
Topic: Building Connections

On behalf of FEIF and IPZV, we would like to invite you to Germany for the second FEIF
Young Leaders' event in Berlar, ca. 180km away from Düsseldorf
We, at FEIF Youth work, have expanded our remit to include the age group 18-26 when
great changes take place in the lives of young people. Future leaders are emerging, and we
want to encourage and support that development.
To that purpose, we are offering a series of annual seminars where we develop and practice
skills on leadership in relation to others, and also in relation to our horses. How do I build a
team? What is the difference between teamwork and partnership? How do I practice
communication at a higher level?
Our guest speakers include
Prof Gabi Bussmann - sport psychologist - positive role of parents in developing the young
rider, as seen by a sport psychologist
Ulla Fehse - drama pedagogue - teambuilding and how to establish communication in
creative ways
Jolly Schrenk - renowned rider and trainer and instructor - the way to the top: insights into
the life of a world champion, and the importance of communication between horse and rider
Dr Henning Drath - international Icelandic horse media - on how to inspire
The event is part-theoretical and part-practical but you do not need to bring your own horse.
Places are limited, and the maximum number of participants is 30.
Age group: 18 - 26 years. (Eligible are young people who will TURN 18 to 27 years of age
in the year of the seminar).
Registration has to be confirmed by national youth leaders (it is not possible to register
without confirmation from the national youth leader).
Number of participants: max 3 participants per country (number of participants limited to
30 participants).

Organisation: Gundula Sharman, FEIF Director of YouthWork and Kirsten Schuster, FEIF
YouthWork Committee
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Vefstjóri: Vilborg Smáradóttir


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